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STEM / S.T.E.A.M Learning Toys, Experiment Kits and Supplies for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math Program Students

Learning is fun at Hobbytown. Not only is Hobbytown the place for Fun for all ages, but it's the place for parents and grandparents and teachers and students themselves that are interested in S.T.E.M. / S.T.E.A.M educational tracks. Hobbytown has the experiment kits, supplies, products and learning toys for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (and Design) and Math Programs. We welcome emails from Teachers and Educators in STEM and STEAM programs too. If you have a special product request, please let us know. HobbyTown carries a wide selection of Educational Toys and Kits, Slot Cars, Rocketry, and Puzzles. HobbyTown has Science kits, Experiments, Chemistry sets and everything for the future Engineer or Scientist. HobbyTown has the parts to complete your Pinewood Derby car and make it the fastest one on the track. We have a large selection of puzzles and have new titles coming all the time. For the Rocket Enthusiast, HobbyTown has the full line of Estes rockets and all the part to support the hobby. HobbyTown has experts in all of these hobbies and can help you find the parts you need to finish your experiments, car, or rocket, so be sure to ask for help with your questions.

Featured Learning Toys and Kits

Meccanoid G15 KS

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Your child can build their own interactive (almost 4-foot tall) robot! Meccanoid has twelve different modes of interactivity and  an autonomous personality that is affected by its environment.
Includes: 1223 parts, 2 real tools, building instructions, ten motors for realistic movements, and rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack.

$399.99 (please call for most current pricing & specials)

History of Meccano:

Meccanoid G15KS

Learn more: http://meccano.com/meccanoid FOLLOW us for more Meccanoid news! Twitter - http://twitter.com/OfficialMeccano Facebook - http://facebook.com/Meccano Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/meccano/

Thames & Kosmos
Air and Water Power Plus,  Science Construction Kit

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Build models powered by air pressure and water and learn about the laws of physics.  inludes: instruction book and 176 building pieces.

$74.99 (please call for most current pricing & specials)

The HobbyTown Difference

Sure you can find toys in lots of places, but have you ever wondered "What else can I do with this?"  Another thing to think about is what happens when that quadcopter or R/C car you bought at the clothing store crashes on its maiden voyage. Where do I get parts?  What happens if the battery pack dies?

HobbyTown associates are here to help you, and have fun along with you.  Getting the most out of your purchase with us just makes good business sense.  If you've had a good experience with us, you'll come back.  Maybe you'll tell your friends too.  

Thames & Kosmos Eco-Battery Vehicles  Experiment Kit

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Thames & Kosmos Eco-Battery Vehicles  Experiment Kit. Build 20 different models and power them with a new type “fuel cell” to learn about electrochemical cells and BEV’s. One metal plate lasts as much as six times longer than a regular AA battery. Includes: six plates, easy-to-use manual and 91 building pieces $64.99
Build 20 different models and power them with a new type “fuel cell” to learn about electrochemical cells and BEV’s. One metal plate lasts as much as six times longer than a regular AA battery. Includes: six plates, easy-to-use manual and 91 building pieces.

$64.99 (please call for most current pricing & specials)

Robotics enthusiasts from entry level to advanced will enjoy these products at HobbyTown.

OSEPP Mechanical / Functional Kits provide starter kits all the way to a la carte servos, microcontrollers and shields.

We also have some Make kits like the Make: Ultimate Microcontroller Pack and the Make: Getting Started with Arduino Kit.

Please note that our in-store inventory on robotics parts can vary from store to store.  It wouldn't hurt to call or email us ahead of time.

OSEPP Mechanical / Functional Kits

A quick demo of our Mechanical Kits working with sensors / modules from our Robotics Functional Kit

Your local hobby store: “hacking” before it was cool.

The word "hack" is being used a lot these days in Maker spaces and creator fairs.  Hobbytown is a great place to bring your idea and get some valuable advice.
Maybe you found an old Lego kit and you're wondering "hey could I put a couple of servos on it and control this thing from my Iphone?  Actually, the answer is many times "YES!!" We have some amazing associates with great imaginations just like yours.  We can help you build that project or "hack" that idea.  We stock all kinds of motors, electronics and yes even rocket engines ( fully stocked aisles of Estes model rocketry supplies and kits - by the way ).  We have the great brand names too like Meccano, Thames & Kosmos, also robotics  and arduino related microcontrollers, motors, sensors and shields from brands like Osep.
Our associates credentials range from hobbyists to electrical engineers and they know their stuff.  They can also help you keep your project on budget.  Electronics projects can get out of hand quickly if you are just getting started.  They can make sure you enjoy the project from start to finish.  And hopefully get you hooked.  You might even rub elbows with some of the original “hackers”.  The older folks you might see in our store shopping in the model railroading aisles have been “scratch building” for decades.  Many of them are retired engineers and electricians that know their way around a power supply and battery box.  You might pickup an email address and some tips on soldering when you strike up a conversation with them.  And might make a new friend too.  Parents, keep in mind that Today’s hobby can be tomorrow’s career!  Small investments in learning fun now can pay big dividends tomorrow.  Stop by and say hi to our HobbyTown team today.
If you are still new to STEM and STEAM or to the hacking or modeling scene these sites are a great way to get started:

Honor. Inspire. Challenge.

We are the National Inventors Hall of Fame: the driving force behind lifelong innovation, paying forward America’s rich history of invention and securing our country’s competitive advantage for the future. Visit invent.org to learn more about the National Inventors Hall of Fame!

Autodesk Project Ignite - Making and Design Matter in Education

Autodesk Project Ignite brings together the latest technology trends - 3D design, 3D printing and electronics - with easy to learn software, projects and hardware for learners of all ages. Keep it Simple. Make it Fun. Engage Everyone. Learn more about Project Ignite at https://projectignite.autodesk.com
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